Dan O'Toole wins November Streak for the Cash prize

By Jason Gilbert

A die-hard Chicago Cubs and Iowa Hawkeyes fan is November's monthly prize winner in "Streak for the Cash." Dan O'Toole, an IT consultant from Chicago, took the top prize with 49 wins this past month.


Dan O'Toole

Going into the final day of the month, O'Toole, also known as TooleBox81, was tied with eight others at 47 wins. His final two picks were the Carolina Panthers, who beat the Green Bay Packers 35-31, and the Minnesota Vikings, who won at home against the Chicago Bears 34-14. When it came down to his last pick, O'Toole was surprisingly confident.

"I wasn't really nervous. Luckily, I have watched enough of the Bears this year to know that they do not play well on the road," O'Toole said.

The two final-day victories propelled him to the top of the leaderboard, and he was declared the monthly winner over J-Falzy, who also had 49 wins but had a lower winning percentage for the month. O'Toole was 49-19-1 while J-Falzy was 49-23-1, giving O'Toole the victory.

O'Toole is a graduate of the University of Iowa and attends as many Hawkeyes games as he can. He also is leaning toward using his $2,500 winnings for a trip to Iowa's bowl game later this month.

Monthly Leaders: November 2008
1 TooleBox81* Chicago, IL 49**
2 J-Falzy Maplewood, MN 49
T3 jhova1485 Bronx, NY 48
T3 pips84 Rocky Hill, CT 48
T3 mlynch121 Simsbury, CT 48
T3 akenig3 Brooklyn, NY 48
T3 WalkUnafraid Rancho Cucamonga, CA 48
T3 andreacoolis Malvern, AR 48
T3 TrainDropper Malden, MA 48
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* - Monthly winners receive $2500 ** - Won tiebreaker

When first starting to play "Streak for the Cash," O'Toole's goal was to get 25 wins in a row and claim the $1 million grand prize, but he could not get past eight consecutive wins. Because he played almost every matchup, he decided to take a shot at the monthly prize.

"Once I realized I probably had a better chance at the monthly prize, I just went for that," O'Toole said. "I think [Streak for the Cash] is a great game, and I look forward to make a run for the December prize as well."

After O'Toole decided to go for the monthly prize, he wanted to make as many picks as possible, but he did not have any specific strategy. When it came to close spreads, he picked games based more on his gut feeling rather than on stats and team records.

"I just tried to pick as many games as possible, but with so many close games on the board, I think a fair amount of luck is involved. It was a great race, and I hope to see everyone on the leaderboard in December," he said.

Previous Monthly Winners
October Michael Olikus Fountain Hills, AZ 62 Read Story
September Debbie Payton Lake City, FL 55 Read Story

O'Toole's favorite sport to watch and to play is baseball. His favorite fantasy game on ESPN.com is fantasy baseball, but because he won $2,500 in Streak for the Cash, that could change. When it comes to ESPN television shows, his favorite is College GameDay because it provides previews of Hawkeyes games and students' creative signs.

O'Toole currently has a streak of four wins, so it will be interesting to see whether he goes for another monthly title or switches gears and aims for the $1 million.

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