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Race For $55,000 Heats Up

We have a tight race as we approach the final hours of September '16 on Streak. A W33 leads the way, but several W32's and W31's are right there in contention for the massive $55,000 grand prize! The "Most Wins" contest for $5,000 is officially over. Dillon B. of Ridgefield, CT went on a W9 to distance himself from the pack with 130 victories and counting. Please follow our twitter account @ESPNStreak to stay updated with tweets from the StreakMaster.

Since the Streak Stash (W30) was won, it will reset for October. If you put together the longest Streak in October, and it's at least a W30, you'll take home $35,000! As always, the longest streak each month is guaranteed $25,000, and the most wins will take home $5,000!

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Ryder Cup 2016 (Chaska, MN): Which team will SCORE MORE POINTS in the Friday morning Foursomes? (4 matches)
8:35 AM
Team USA or Tie491.2%
 Team Europe08.8%
Ryder Cup (Foursome - Mickelson/Fowler v. McIlroy/Sullivan): What will be the match SCORE at the COMPLETION of Hole 4?
8:50 AM
 All Square05.6%
Either Team Leads194.4%
Danish Superliga (Aarhus @ Odense): How many GOALS will be SCORED?
12:00 PM
 2 Goals or Fewer023.5%
3 Goals or More376.5%
Ryder Cup 2016 (Chaska, MN): Which team will SCORE MORE POINTS in the Friday afternoon Four-Ball? (4 matches)
1:30 PM
 Team USA or Tie--93.4%
 Team Europe--6.6%
German Bundesliga: What will be the match result?
2:30 PM
 Augsburg: Win or Draw--70.1%
 @ Leipzig: Win--29.9%
EPL (Crystal Palace @ Everton): When will the FIRST GOAL of the 1st HALF be SCORED?
3:00 PM
 25th Minute or Earlier018.4%
26th Minute or Later OR No Goal in 1st Half181.6%
English Premier League: What will be the match result?
3:00 PM
 Crystal Palace: Win or Draw--5.2%
 @ Everton: Win--94.8%
EPL (Crystal Palace @ Everton): Which TEAM will SCORE FIRST in the 2nd Half?
4:02 PM
Crystal Palace or Neither Score115.8%
WNBA Playoffs - Semifinals (Lynx lead 1-0): What will be the GAME RESULT?
8:05 PM
 Mercury: Win or Single Digit Loss--56.5%
 @ Lynx: Win By Double Digits--43.6%
NCF (#7 Stanford @ #10 Washington): Will Christian McCaffrey (STAN) SCORE a TOUCHDOWN in the 1st Half?
9:02 PM
 Yes: McCaffrey scores TD in 1st Half--94.0%
 No: McCaffrey no TD in 1st Half--6.0%
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1. Predict the winner of ONE of the listed matchups.

2. Once the matchup is final you can select the winner of a matchup that hasn't started yet.

3. Build the longest winning streak each month or the most correct picks each month and win.

4. New "Forfeit" feature allows you to intentionally take a loss and make your next pick.

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